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In 1991, a group of local Pagans and other earth-centerd people, started a local group to celebrate the rhythms of the earth in community. In 1993, this group found a home in the local UU church, the Unitarian Fellowship of Athens. As an affiliate group, the focus of the Circle of Gaia Dreaming (which for a short time was a CUUPS chapter) was to provide a spiritual home for Pagans and other earth-centered spiritual folks within the local Unitarian Universalist community. Another part of its mission was to help educate the local UUs about various Pagan faith traditions.

We are proud to say that we accomplished this goal and now earth-centered people are fully integrated into the local congregation. As a result, many of the Gaia Dreaming folks became involved in and integrated into UUFA leadership and many of the Gaia Dreaming events that were handled outside of the fellowship's structure, also became integrated.

In short, our success also brought the group's ending. And that is a great blessing.

Blessings on your path!

The Co-Founders of The Circle of Gaia Dreaming